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A Chicagoans TV presentation by Groundfire Pictures
A feature in their series with TD as instructor and competitor
Visit their website to see more of their creative work.

Our Classes

Women's Intro to Handguns

A basic course directed at women to provide them with a fun and safe way to be introduced to handguns and shooting. »more

Co-ed Introduction to Handguns Classes

Following the same format as our Women's Intro, a basic course to provide men and women with a fun and safe way to be introduced to handguns and shooting. »more

Handgun: Phase II- Gun Selection featuring TD's Gun Buffet

For those who've been through the Intro and wish to go further. Gun selection- picking out which handgun to buy, featuring the Gun Buffet, a number of 9mm... »more

Handgun Skill Builder Class (Formerly Phase III)

More advanced techniques and more speed. For those who have been through the Intros or have more experience. Begins with a refresher... »more

Holiday Gift Certificates, Parties, and Corporate Events!
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Introduction to Action Pistol Competition

For shooters interested in competing in the popular action pistol sports, especially USPSA and IDPA, with modest or greater shooting/gunhandling skills and either prepare them for their first match or take them a step further in development of their competition participation. »more

One-on-one private training

We offer specialized training with a special emphasis on special-needs and competition shooters on a per-hour basis. »more

Specialty Events

With our professional experience in party planning, catering, and production, we can work with you to create special events providing even inexperienced guests with a safe, basic "first shot" opportunity combined with engaging thematic specialties. »more


Bill Zeller and TD Roe are NRA certified pistol instructors. With years of handgun experience and a focus on safety, they'll help you develop your skills whether you've never handled a gun before or are looking to push yourself to the next level. »more

"TD is really an amazing instructor whether you're a complete novice or just a hard-headed guy with bad habits. Thank you!"
-Parker Wentzel

"GREAT class for women! Their knowledge and patience with beginners was outstanding. So informative and fun."
-Shannon Pinkston

"My wife took your "Intro to Handguns for Women" course and loved it!"
-Scott W Webb