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Illinois Concealed Carry License classes

Many of our past students and customers have inquired about Excel's Illinois CCL class.  We have always worked hard to make the best, safest, highest quality classes and events and our Concealed Carry License class will be up to those same standards.

While we will cover the full curriculum as required by the FCCA, we will be of course emphasizing the gunhandling, shooting, and practical applications of concealed carry.  We will feature a "Holster Buffet":  our students will get the opportunity to put on and dry fire with a wide variety of holsters. This is a great way to see what works for you and the clothes you are wearing on a given day.

For the qualification range time, we'll be using Article II in Lombard, 30 minutes north of the classroom.

We'll have other locations to come in the future for the classroom parts.

The A portion only will be $75 and take place on certain weeknight evenings, 6-10pm.

The second B portion only will be $125 (this is the live fire and holster part) for those with prior training credit.

Your only other expenses will be the license fee to the state, the ammunition you use, and optional LiveScan fingerprinting if you desire.  We will include refreshments and lunch, too.

A bit about the requirements and procedures for getting your license:
The Illinois legislature passed the FCCA on July 9th, 2013 and specified certain elements that were necessary to complete in order to apply for the license.  It delegated the process and the rule-making for it to the Illinois State Police.  The ISP has put together their rules and procedures for applying.  These rules, though, have been subject to constant change, as this is an entirely new thing in Illinois.

The main requirement is the 16 hours of relevant training, the content of which must be approved by the ISP.

There is also an option of "grandfathering" some of the training time with training you've already received prior to the coming of the licensing.  It can include military service, other standard classes such as those given by the NRA, Hunter Safety Courses, or our own Excel Training Group classes.  The maximum amount of prior training that can be credited is 8 hours.

For example, our Intro to Handguns course is three hours; so is our Handgun: Phase II.  Our older-style Holster & Handgun Skills class was also three (we've upped it to four hours for 2014).  This combination of nine hours can count for that maximum of eight "grandfatherable" ones.

The remaining 8 hours are mandatory and must cover the specified curriculum items as well as the live-fire qualification.

The qualification is simple and does not take long.  The requirement is to have 70% of your 30 rounds fired hit in the outline of the standard B-27 silhouette, at 5, 7, and 10 yards.

We believe that more live-fire training and fundamentals work will be a valuable asset for our graduates so we will include some of that, along with our standard holster training.

Once the requirements are met, the application is made to the State Police by you, the applicant, using the certification we will provide as evidence of your meeting the training requirements.  There are other parts of the process, including the $150 license fee, that you will do during the application.  You can see the full process at this page.

Our classes are therefore split into the two separate parts, which we will call "A" (the grandfatherable portion) and "B" (the mandatory portion including the shooting qualifcation). If you have less than eight hours of prior training, you can take the portion of the "A" part designed for your situation.

Fingerprinting is optional but getting printed reduces the wait time for your license by up to 60 days.  You may get your prints done at any other authorized LiveScan vendor at your convenience.  The typical charge for this is $55.
Sometimes there are LiveScan vendors present at the ranges and taking walk-in customers.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

ISP Seal
The Illinois State Police administer the Illinois Concealed Carry Act.
Their website is the official source of information about the law and the application process. The web page is here.